How about taking your kids to find hints in Lapa, discover new paths in the labyrinth of the Botanical Garden or participate in a game of seven errors in the Municipal Theater?

These and other unforgettable experiences are the activities offered to small cariocas who live in Rio and those that are just passing by!

The Book of Adventures: Rio de Janeiro, counts on the troop full of personality that knows Rio de Janeiro and presents the city in an enjoyable and playful way, through games and lots of fun in English and Portuguese.

The Book of Adventures: Rio de Janeiro has been launched by the publisher Memoria Visual. You can find a copy in your favorite bookstore, online, or contact us via email and we will be happy to send it directly to you.

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The Book

About  the   Authors


Jéssica Mattoso da Fonseca

Originally from Petropolis but Carioca at heart,
Jessica came to Rio to study but never left. After having her two children, she dove into the universe of children’s literature. This guide speaks directly to the children and presents the “Cidade Maravilhosa” how she should be: colorful, happy and fun.


Denise Terra Rios Vahrenkamp

Travelling Carioca, who always takes her children to see the world, Denise enjoys showing each place in a playful way. It is has always been her dream to present Rio in a fun guide for small cariocas and mini tourists.


Dominique Verena Benz

Passionate mother of three daughters,
Gringa, living in Brazil for 18 years, Dominique is delighted to share her passion of the “Cidade Maravilhosa” with the young generation.


Miguel Carvalho

Born carioca who has lived outside of Rio for many years, Miguel is back in the Cidade Maravilhosa.
Well traveled but considers Rio the most beautiful city.
Miguel is very happy to be able to give to the little cariocas and travellers, the colors and drawings of the many beautiful sights the city has to offer.


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